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The world's widest selection of Carnivorous Plants and Seeds for sale on the web

Latest Triffid Arrivals
Nep ampullaria Black Miracle cross seeds

New Plants: 

CEPHALOTUS of course One of my favourite CP species....several clones available now!! 

More Mexican Butterworts added. New VFT clones added inc. Microdent and Large Shark!  New huge Nepenthes Cultivars now available! Loads of NEW Pygmy Sundews added. D. Filiformis Red Form.

Pinguicula "Aphrodite" and martinezii.

Nepenthes 'Rebecca Soper' and N. gymnamphora plants just in.

Recent Seed Arrivals:

Lots of new Tuberous Drosera seed (see below) plus many brand new Species from the D.indica complex!! Latest VFT seed harvest is now available in the shop. Lots of new seeds just arrived including 5 Nepenthes  from Penang. Just in!!  A wonderful Nepenthes hybrid, seeds of N. veitchii x albomarginata -Red! Also harvested in November 2016..N.ampullaria - Red seeds and N. ampullaria x northiana -Red seeds.

March 2017..N. ampullaria Black Miracle cross seeds.

Nepenthes suratensis x albomarginata seeds.

July -Nepenthes vieillardii seeds from New Caledonia have now arrived!!


Summer Special Offer..
Drosera binata var.dichotoma

Free Plant with every Plant Order!

We are now offering a Free Fork Leaf Sundew Plant with any PLANT order!!

Just write CLAIM FORK in the Substitutions section when ordering any of our plants and we will add a FREE Sundew to your order. Your sundew will be 10-20cms tall and already well into its annual growth. Your plant will flower and produce seed later in the year. The plant will be sent bare-rooted so be sure to have your CP soil mix ready to pot up!

New Customers Gallery

Triffid Nurseries has many satisfied customers all over the world and we have recently decided to start up a Customers Gallery where you can send us a picture of you and your favourite carnivorous plants! If you would like to appear in the Gallery simply email me via this website and attach your photo! To view the gallery, click here.

Welcome to Triffid Nurseries

Please note that Triffid Nurseries will be CLOSED throughout August 2017 for Holidays and Refurbishment. Last Orders will be despatched on 30.7.17. The next despatch date thereafter will be 4.9.17. Many Apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Triffid Nurseries, founded in 2000,  supplies a wide range of quality carnivorous plants suitable for both the enthusiast and beginner alike. We are very proud to boast the largest selection of carnivorous plant seeds held in stock, on the web! Well over 250 different species, hybrids, clones and varieties.

Triffid Nurseries is located in Suffolk in a purpose-built, Kader growhouse covering over 3700 sq. feet - all dedicated to carnivorous plants!!!

The vast majority of our business is mail order with seed orders dispatched worldwide and plants sent throughout Britain and Europe. We regret that we are unable to send live plants outside of Europe.

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IMPORTANT...Please read....

Please note that all PLANT ORDERS are made up each weekend and despatched on the first Monday after your order is received.

If you have any concern about your order, please email us directly.

If you can't find what you are looking for, email us and we will do our best to source it for you.

EDUCATIONAL SEED KITS - great for beginners

NOW AVAILABLE - Soil mixes specificially for Carnivorous Plants

Superb Collection of Antique Carnivorous Plant prints and lithographs available for the true Collector.

Triffid Blog

Macro Photography Classes at Triffid Nurseries

Macro Photography Classes at Triffid Nurseries

Just have a look at the superb detail of this macro shot of a Drosera nidiformis and its prey!

It has been taken by Bob Brind-Surch who runs regular macro photography classes via his website. Bob is will be arranging 3 or 4 new dates for 2017 shortly, but please email me if you would like to know more.

... More >>

Amazing CP micrographs using Optical Projection Tomography!!

Amazing CP micrographs using Optical Projection Tomography!!

Now here's something interesting and one for the Scientists out there!

Triffid Nurseries has recently been used by the John Innes Research Centre to obtain these amazing shots of CP's using a technique called Optical Projection Tomography.

This picture shows the amazing external structure of an un-opened trap of the Albany Pitcher plant Cephalotus follicularis.

... More >>