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The world's widest selection of Carnivorous Plants and Seeds for sale on the web

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TRIFFID NOW....a quick look at whats actually happening in the Nursery -

AUGUST 2015...Please note that all Plant orders are despatched the first Monday after the Order has been received.


Please note that we do NOT send out email Confirmations of Orders. I you have any concern about your order, please email us directly.

Drosera tormentosa var glabrata

D. filiformis resting bud


Drosera peltata and prey

Large Image - Triffid Nurseries Carnivorous Plants

Large Image - Triffid Nurseries Carnivorous Plants

Large Image - Triffid Nurseries Carnivorous Plants

Large Image - Triffid Nurseries Carnivorous Plants

This South American Sundew is happily growing  in the Triffid Hothouse now. Hope it sets seed soon!!

 Drosera filiformis tucked up in its Winter resting form.

These are now being offfered FREE with every Plant order - See Below

 All the Temperate Butterworts are now in full growth and starting to flower. This picture shows a mother plant surrounded with all her offspring.

 A fly meets its maker in the arms (or tentacles!) of Drosera peltata.

Latest Triffid Arrivals .....

New Plants:  BIG NEPENTHES.  More Butterworts added. New VFT clones added inc. Trichtefalle, Microdent and Large Shark!  New Nepenthes ventricosa x talangensis now available! Loads of NEW Pygmy Sundews added.

Recent Seed Arrivals: Lots of new Tuberous Drosera seed plus many brand new Species from the D.indica complex!! Latest VFT seed harvest is now available in the shop. Lots of new seeds just arrived including 5 Nepenthes  from Penang.

Many new Sarracenia seeds available!! Incluidng new SCHNELLS GHOST Hybrids!!!


Looking for rare Byblis? Try looking at rare species 


Just have a look at the superb detail of this macro shot of a Drosera nidiformis and its prey! It has been taken by Bob Brind-Surch who runs regular macro photography classes via his website.

If you would like see more of Bob's macro shots of various CP's then please click here.


Sundew eating a fly 

 Sundew leaf petiole using Optical Tomography 

Amazing CP micrographs using Optical Projection Tomography!!

Now here's something interesting and one for the Scientists out there! Triffid Nurseries has recently been used by the John Innes Research Centre to obtain these amazing shots of CP's using a technique called Optical Projection Tomography. This picture shows the amazing external structure of an un-opened trap of the Albany Pitcher plant Cephalotus follicularis. To see more  stunning OPT images click here.

NEW pictorial "Grow It" Sections added Under CARE button.

Grow it 1 = Digging up & Re-planting Tuberous Drosera.

 All Allen Lowrie Books personally signed by the Author in August 2010!!

Allen Lowrie Visits Triffid Nurseries!

In August 2010 Allen Lowrie (Right, pictured with Andy Wilkinson) visited the Nursery and stayed for a few days for a well-earned rest following his European Tour! During his stay Allen spent alot of time looking around the Nursery. To see more photos of his visit click here.

Special Offers and other News - AUGUST 2016.....

We are now offering a Free soil plug of Utricularia bisquamata on any plant order!! Just write CLAIM UTRIC in the Substitutions section when ordering any of our plants and we will add a plug of U.bisquamata FREE to your order.

New Customers Gallery ! Triffid Nurseries has many satisfied customers all over the world and we have recently decided to start up a Customers Gallery where you can send us a picture of you and your favourite carnivorous plants! If you would like to appear in the Gallery simply email me via this website and attach your photo! To visit the Customer Gallery click here

You can also pay via PAYPAL!! Simply use andy(AT)triffidnurseries.co.uk as the email address

All TriffidGear T-shirts LESS THAN A FIVER!!



 Rare and unusual Carnivorous Plants available for immediate delivery

If you can't find what you are looking for, email us and we will do our best to source it for you.

EDUCATIONAL SEED KITS - great for beginners

NOW AVAILABLE - Soil mixes specificially for Carnivorous Plants

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29th August 2016

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