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The world's widest selection of Carnivorous Plants and Seeds for sale on the web

About Us

As a passionate and obsessive collector of carnivorous plants for well over 20 years now, there was always an irrational but nevertheless, seemingly justifiable, need for "just one more greenhouse"! And so a simple hobby became a bigger hobby with a small income, which has now become a recognised business in its own right.

Triffid Nurseries was founded in 2000 and experienced considerable growth in its first 12 months of business. Further growth was achieved through the acquisition of another CP business previously known as Cambrian Carnivores in September 2001. This gave us an immediate web presence and the opportunity to move into new areas such as the supply and sale of CP seeds as well, an area that I had always felt was poorly represented.

We now supply a wide range of quality carnivorous plants suitable for both the enthusiast and beginner alike. Similarly we are very proud to boast the largest selection of CP seeds held in stock, on the web! Well over 250 different species, hybrids, clones and varieties.

In 2003, we also launched a range of fashionable casual shirts with a carnivorous plant theme called Triffid Gear.

Triffid Gear

The vast majority of our business is mail order with seed orders dispatched worldwide and plants sent throughout Britain and Europe.

We were originally located in Devon, South-West England but have now re-located the business to Suffolk and have moved into our brand new purpose-built, Kader growhouse covering over 3700 sq. feet, all dedicated to Carnivorous plants!!!

Visitors are welcome throughout the year, however to ensure there is someone to meet you and show you round, visits are by prior appointment only. Please call us on 01379 678660 to arrange a suitable date and time.

Triffid Blog

Growing Nepenthes from seed.

Growing Nepenthes from seed.

Recently we have been able to source some fantastically rare and more importantly, fresh Nepenthes seeds from some experienced growers abroad. Species like N.lowii, edwardsiana and more recently, N. macrophylla have all been offered and have generated much interest.
To successfully germinate these Nepenthes seeds requires very specific conditions and, in my opinion, some degree of experience too, and I am always being asked how best to cultivate them.
I usually refer people to either our Trif ... More >>

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