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Latest Triffid Arrivals
Fresh Nepenthes seeds now in

New Plants: 

CEPHALOTUS of course One of my favourite CP species....several clones available now!! 

VFT - DCXL - The REAL BIG ONE !! Small plants now on sale at Triffid!! 

New season Nepenthes to be added once our frosts have gone!!

Lots of new Sarracenia hybrids now in stock.

 Recent Seed Arrivals:

NOVEMBER 2019 - Many Temperate sundews seeds harvested from our own plants added..rotundifolia, anglica, collinsiae, Big Audry, PLUS...the NEW 2019 VFT seed harvest has now been added!!

March 2020 - Nepenthes bongso, bicalcarata, nigra and lavicola seeds now available.....

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