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Latest Triffid Arrivals
Roridula gorgonias

New Plants: 

CEPHALOTUS of course One of my favourite CP species....several clones available now!! 

New VFT clones added inc. Microdent and Large Shark!  Loads of NEW Pygmy Sundews added.

SEPTEMBER : Roridula gorgonias and Heliamphora....PLUS more Mexican Butterworts.

VFT - DCXL - The REAL BIG ONE !! are on their way over to Triffid!!

Recent Seed Arrivals:

January 2018 - D. cuneifolia and D.pauciflora seeds imported from RSA.

Feb 2018 - Nep jac, dubia and jamban seeds have  ARRIVED!! Also in: lavicola Giant, and mirabilis var.echinostoma...

April...N. veitchii and edwardsiana seeds here!! N. x Harryana and N.burbidgeae seeds just in.........

May...N.villosa 'Kinabalu', N. stenophylla and N. deaniana seeds just arrived....

July..just arrived..N. hurrelliana and N.vogelii.

September... N. rajah seeds are on their way over to Triffid...should arrive soon....

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