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Spring Special Offer..
FREE Drosera binata

Free Fork-Leaved Sundew of Drosera binata with any PLANT ORDER!

We are now offering a FREE SUNDEW of the Fork Leaved sundew, Drosera binata with any PLANT Order!!

Just write CLAIM BINATA in the Substitutions section when ordering and we will add the free Sundew to your Order. Your FREE sundew will be sent Bare-rooted and will have leaves 7-10cms long!. On arrival, simply pot up the sundew in normal CP soil Mix, keep damp and watch it grow larger during the spring months.


New Customers Gallery

Triffid Nurseries has many satisfied customers all over the world and we have recently decided to start up a Customers Gallery where you can send us a picture of you and your favourite carnivorous plants! If you would like to appear in the Gallery simply email me via this website and attach your photo! To view the gallery, click here.

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Latest Triffid Arrivals
Butterworts Now Available

New Plants:  

MARCH 2021 New Spring Selections Arriving Soon.....

May 2021 - New Nepenthes Hybrids Now In.

June 2021 - Rare Pinguicula laxifolia plants available!

 Recent Seed Arrivals:

Drosophyllum lusitanicum seeds just harvested...August 2020

Several new Nepenthes sps  - seed harvested Sept 2020.

Sept 2020 - This years fresh VFT seed harvest now on the website!!!