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Byblis - Rainbow Plants

GENUS: Byblis

A genus of sticky-leaved plants quite widely distributed through West and North Australia, though the present ranges of the 2 species do not overlap.

SPECIES: B. gigantea - Common Name: Rainbow Plant - Distribution: West & North Australia

A spectacular, wiry plant standing 2 feet or more tall when fully grown, and producing masses of lightly iridescent purple flowers, in the Autumn and through the winter if kept warm. Quite variable, with a number of very different forms from different locations. Perennial.

Cultivation: Thrives in full sun in a 6" pot of 4:1 sand/grit:peat. Water by tray/saucer, but allow to dry before refilling. Difficult to germinate (almost impossible,) without Gibberelic Acid hormone treatment.

SPECIES: B. liniflora - SUBSPECIES: liniflora - Common Name: Rainbow Plant - Distribution: West Australia

A very showy annual (or biennial in cultivation,) half the size of B.gigantea with paler (often pink and sometimes multicoloured,) flowers and denser tangled foliage - a mass of stickiness. This species is often used to control small flies in orchid houses, and can easily be pollinated with a fine brush to provide masses of seed for the next year. Same cultivation preferences as B. gigantea, but much easier to germinate (just surface-sow as for S.African Drosera.)

SPECIES: B. liniflora - SUBSPECIES: occidentalis - Common Name: Rainbow Plant - Distribution: West Australia

More robust than the previous ssp., and harder to germinate (requires similar Gibberelic Acid treatment and germination protocol to B.gigantea.)


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