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Cephalotus - Albany Pitcher Plants

GENUS: Cephalotus

A monotypic genus confined to a small area around Albany, West Australia, and now increasingly endangered by encroaching agricultural and urban development on its habitat.

SPECIES: C. follicularis - Common Name: Albany Pitcher Plant - Distribution: South West Australia

Beautiful ground-hugging pitchers up to 2" tall like little hairy moccasins make this a worthy addition to any collection. In full sun, the whole plant becomes suffused with a rich burgundy colour, the lids and peristomes streaked with white. Pointed, non-carnivorous leaves are also formed, especially in the Autumn.

Cultivation: Thrives in a sand and peat mixture with a little added perlite or vermiculite, but appreciates occasional drying of the water tray. Half hardy, but best treated as a houseplant on a sunny windowsill or cool greenhouse in the winter.


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