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GENUS: Drosophyllum

A monotypic genus containing the sp. D.lusitanicum. This plant is remarkable for its arid habit, growing in the hard clay soils of Southern Spain and Northern Morocco. Despite the common name, it is not expecially closely related to the Drosera, indeed it was recently moved out of the family Droseraceae into its own (Drosophyllaceae,) because of its very different morphology. A mistaken belief has arisen that the plant is in fact biennial, because it rarely succeeds in cultivation beyond its first flowering in the second year of growth. This is quite belied by the ancient and gnarled shrublets that are to be found in its native habitat. It is evident that left undisturbed, the plant is capable of surviving perennially for several decades at least.

SPECIES: D. lusitanicum - Common Name: Portuguese Sundew, Dewy Pine - Distribution: Spain, Portugal, Morrocco

Long, filiform leaves emerge from a woody trunk, growing gnarled with age up to 24". Yellow flowers are produced which bear papery seed capsules after artificial or insect pollination. It is best to collect these, as the plants often die at this point in cultivation.

Cultivation: 5:1 grit sand:peat, barely watered and kept in a low humidity environment as can be provided in full sun. Germination of seed is reliable if the seeds are scarified (ie: chipped or filed to reveal the white centre.) This will hasten germination and allow the shoot to emerge quickly.


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