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Drosera - Pygmy - Sundews

GENUS: Drosera

A genus of over 100 species of sticky-leaved perrenials (and a few annuals,) distributed around the world in all climatic zones from the Arctic to sub-saharan Africa. Many are easily grown, and make excellent house plants if planted in peat:sand mix and stood in a saucer of rainwater on a sunny windowsill.

Pygmy species

Often tiny in form but forming impressive mounds together, these sundews are often surprisingly adept at catching correspondingly tiny prey.

Cultivation: most pygmy species experience dormancy in the winter when watering should be reduced. During this time, gemmae (small vegetative buds,) are formed in the centre of the plant, which can be brushed off with a fine paintbrush in the Spring, and sown like seeds. Seeds are also usually easy to germinate. Except where otherwise noted, all species thrive in 2:1 peat:sand, kept frost-free in full sun. Tray water.

SPECIES: D. ericksonae - Common Name: None - Distribution: Australia

Yellow-green rosettes, producing tiny pink flowers in the Summer. Easy to germinate.

SPECIES: D. helodes - Common Name: None - Distribution: Australia

A raised stipule in the centre of the plant and leafy orange rosette are the distinguishing features of this sp. Several large pink flowers are produced on a long scape in the Spring.

SPECIES: D. nitidula - SUBSPECIES: nitidula - Common Name: Shining Sundew - Distribution: Australia

A particularly sparkling species. Forming small scarlet rosettes, with many different subspecies and forms in cultivation.

SPECIES: D. occidentalis - SUBSPECIES: australis - Common Name: None - Distribution: Australia

A more robust and multi-flowering plant than ssp.occidentalis.

SPECIES: D. occidentalis - SUBSPECIES: occidentalis - Common Name: None - Distribution: Australia

A sparse rosette of only 5 or 6 leaves at any one time, producing minute white flowers, usually singly.

SPECIES: D. pulchella - Common Name: None - Distribution: Australia

Very variable sp. with all sorts of variations in shape and flower colour being known. Petioles are distinctly broader than most other pygmy spp, with tiny circular leaves most often yellow-green.

SPECIES: D. pycnoblasta - Common Name: None - Distribution: Australia

Bears an enlarged, white stipule from which emerge scarlet leaves on green petioles. Prefers drier, sandier soil than most other pygmies.

SPECIES: D. pygmaea - Common Name: None - Distribution: Australia

The most widespread of the pygmy spp., unusual in producing 4-petalled flowers (most Drosera are 5-petalled.) Forms mounds of sparkling plants from readily produced gemmae every Autumn.

SPECIES: D. scorpioides - Common Name: None - Distribution: Australia

A wonderfully twisted, erect pygmy with sparkling yellow-green leaves and tiny pink flowers borne on a single scape, forming a brown, woody stem over the years. Certainly my favourite pygmy sp.

SPECIES: D. silvicola - Common Name: None - Distribution: Australia

Small sp. preferring a sandier soil than most pygmy spp.

SPECIES: D. spilos - Common Name: None - Distribution: Australia

Orangey rosette, bearing white or variably pink flowers.


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