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Drosera - Spatulata - Sundews

GENUS: Drosera

A genus of over 100 species of sticky-leaved perrenials (and a few annuals,) distributed around the world in all climatic zones from the Arctic to sub-saharan Africa. Many are easily grown, and make excellent house plants if planted in peat:sand mix and stood in a saucer of rainwater on a sunny windowsill.

D. spatulata forms

A pretty and easily-grown rosette-forming species with a number of often very different forms from different locations. Cultivation exactly as for temperate spp. listed above, except for dormancy which is not required. Self-seeds in the manner of D.aliciae (if anything even more aggressively!) Half-hardy, but best kept frost-free.

SPECIES: D. spatulata - FORM: f.'Ahipara' - Common Name: None - Distribution: Ahipara, N.Island, NZ

Delicate green rosettes with a yellowish sparkle, producing abundant small, white flowers on very long, slender, pale green scapes, reddening slightly after much sun. Certainly my favourite form.

SPECIES: D. spatulata - FORM: f.'Beerwah' - Common Name: None - Distribution: Australia

Compact red rosettes.

SPECIES: D. spatulata - FORM: f.'Coromandel' - Common Name: None - Distribution: Coromandel Ranges, NZ

White-flowering form with red-orange leaves more oar-shaped than spathulate.

SPECIES: D. spatulata - FORM: f.'Formosa' - Common Name: None - Distribution: Taiwan

A small, red form, the fine, red, leaves spathulate, tending to cuneate, producing 1 or 2 delicate white flowers on short scapes.

SPECIES: D. spatulata - FORM: f.'Kansai' - Common Name: None - Distribution: Australia

Probably the commonest form of this species producing 2-3 inch rosettes of green leaves with red tentacles and abundant pink flowers borne on long scapes.

SPECIES: D. spatulata - FORM: f.'Kanto' - Common Name: None - Distribution: Australia

Similar to the Kansai form, but slightly smaller with shorter scapes

SPECIES: D. spatulata - FORM: f.'Kopuatai' - Common Name: None - Distribution: NZ

Another white-flowering form from New Zealand

SPECIES: D. spatulata - FORM: f.'Lovellae' - Common Name: None - Distribution: Australia

Strikingly crimson rosettes of typically spathulate leaves, with many white flowers produced on long scapes.

SPECIES: D. spatulata - FORM: f.'Okinawa' - Common Name: None - Distribution: Japan

Very similar to the Kansai form, but hairier and with darker green leaves.

SPECIES: D. spatulata - SUBSPECIES: tokaiensis - Common Name: None - Distribution: Indochina

More elongated leaves that are typically paddle-shaped rather than spathulate. A slightlier fussier plant than the previous forms, wanting higher humidity and less waterlogged soil.


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