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Drosera - Temperate - Sundews

GENUS: Drosera

A genus of over 100 species of sticky-leaved perrenials (and a few annuals,) distributed around the world in all climatic zones from the Arctic to sub-saharan Africa. Many are easily grown, and make excellent house plants if planted in peat:sand mix and stood in a saucer of rainwater on a sunny windowsill.

Temperate species

Species that form resting buds in the winter to survive cold conditions, or annuals that overwinter as seed. All respond well to cultivation in 2:1 peat:sand, full sun and tray watering. All perrenial spp. (except D.intermedia 'Tropical form',) require a period of winter dormancy with reduced temps and water, when the plants die back to winter resting buds.

SPECIES: D. brevifolia - Common Name: None - Distribution: US, Central & S. America

Tiny annual producing copious seed to survive until the next year. This species forms tiny scarlet rosettes and comparatively large, white flowers.

SPECIES: D. capillaris - Common Name: None - Distribution: US, Central & S. America

Hairy perrenial similar to D.brevifolia in appearance, but greener and larger with pink flowers in the autumn. A few white-flowering forms are also known.

SPECIES: D. intermedia - Common Name: Love Nest Sundew - Distribution: widespread N. hemisphere

Pretty and quite variable species widely distributed throughout Europe, Asia and N.America, even extending into Central and the very top of S.America, where it enjoys a tropical habit with no winter dormancy.

SPECIES: D. intermedia - VAR: Carolina Giant - Common Name: Love Nest Sundew - Distribution: N. Carolina, USA

Probably the largest form of this species, this one grows into a very substantial shrublet in time, and one could almost be forgiven for confusing it with D.capensis!

SPECIES: D. rotundifolia - Common Name: Round-leaved Sundew - Distribution: widespread N. hemisphere

Hardy, rosette-forming species distributed across most of the Northern hemisphere. White flowers in the Spring.


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